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Penguins are famous as they are cute - and curious. They are different from other birds since they cannot fly. They are just waddling – for miles and miles. And they call home what most of us would call "the world’s most forbidding landscape" - to be honest: the Antarctic simply "sucks".
Apparently, this is an ideal animal for a comic strip and my comic strip "POLE" is the perfect comic strip for the entire family. The scenery is ideal as well. The icy Antarctic offers lots of lost space for lots of lost stuff. For example, adventures of funny little emperor penguins and their appealingly cute chickens.
If you are interested in printing the strip in your publication, on your greeting cards or t-shirts, if you would like to use it for your website or if you would just like to learn more – please feel free to contact me at

As known from:
- New York Press
- Park Slope Reader
- Free Comics
- CallingAllStars

The "POLE" comic strips were also part of an exhibition at the Castillo Theater on 42nd Street in Manhattan.

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